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How to get your RBS ID Number – California

Responsible Beverage Service Training Program Server Instructions

  1. Registration

    • Click Log In/ Register Button

    • Click on Create an Account

    • Enter valid email
    • Create Password
    • Validate Password
    • Enter Legal First and Last Name

    • Click Continue


    • Go to Email Account
      • Find Confirmation Email
      • Click link to Confirm Email

    • You will be taken to RBS Portal

    • Find Registration email
    • Click link to login into RBS Portal

2. Server Application

    • Go to the RBS Portal
    • Click Log in Button
      • Enter email and password used to create your account
    • Select Server Application and click continue

    • Complete information required in Server Application

    • Pay $3.00 registration fee Click box for Attestation

    • Click Go to Payment

    • Fill in your credit card information

    • Click Pay Now

    • Click Attest
    • Click Submit to Submit Your Server Application

    • Navigate to Server Dashboard


3. Find a Provider or go to California Responsible Beverage Service Training – Only $12 (

    • Hover over Cali

    • Click California RBS

  • Click Buy Now

  • Click Proceed to Checkout

    • Input Your Personal Information and RBS ID number into ACE Food Handler Check out page

  • Complete Your California RBS Server Training


4. Take Alcohol Server Certification Exam

    • Once Server has completed training, the training provider will grant access to the alcohol server certification exam
      • Receive email notification confirming exam access
      • Log in to RBS Portal
      • Go to Server Dashboard
      • Click Take Exam Button
        • Server is taken to Exam
        • Server select exam language (English or Spanish)
        • Server takes exam
          • Exam is open-note, open-book
          • The server has 3 attempts to pass the exam with 70% pass rate.

**Please note: To unlock your RBS Exam on the ABC website, you will need to ensure you are giving the training provider your correct server ID.

There are two ways you can locate your server ID number. The first is by way of the registration message that was sent via the RBS Portal. To access the message, click on the envelope icon, the message will be titled Enrollment Registration Completed.

The second way you can view your Server ID number is on your Server Dashboard; it will be in the first box with your Server Details.

***You will not receive a certificate as California doesn’t issue certificates***

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