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Improper Hand Washing – California Food Handlers Card

Apr 17, 2024 | Food Handler

Improper Hand Washing – California Food Handlers Card


When it comes to food safety, California takes the lead in ensuring that consumers are protected and informed. Proper food handling is critical, and one of the fundamental practices is hand washing. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the importance of proper hand washing and explore why Ace Food Handler is the ideal choice for obtaining your California Food Handlers Card.

Improper Hand Washing: A Recipe for Disaster

Improper hand washing is a common culprit behind foodborne illnesses. Neglecting proper hygiene practices can lead to the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses. Here are some key points about hand washing:

  1. Correct Technique: Always use warm running water and soap. Scrub your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds, covering all surfaces—backs of hands, wrists, between fingers, and under fingernails.
  2. Common Causes of Foodborne Illnesses:
    • Inadequate Hand Washing: Skipping hand washing or not doing it correctly.
    • Working While Ill: Sick employees can contaminate food.
    • Cross Contamination: Transfer of harmful microorganisms from one surface to another.
    • Inadequate Cooking Temperatures: Undercooked food can harbor pathogens.
    • Inadequate Temperature Control: Improper storage temperatures allow bacteria to thrive.
  3. Danger Zone: The temperature range between 41°F and 135°F is considered the “danger zone.” Food left in this range can promote bacterial growth.
  4. Virus Spread: Hepatitis A can be transmitted by a worker who doesn’t wash their hands properly.

Why Choose Ace Food Handler?

When obtaining your California Food Handlers Card, consider the following reasons to choose Ace Food Handler:

  1. Affordability: For just $7 you can complete the California Food Handler Card course through Ace Food Handler.
  2. Comprehensive Training: Ace Food Handler’s program covers essential food safety concepts, including proper hand washing techniques, cross-contamination prevention, and temperature control.
  3. Certification Exam: After completing the course, you’ll take a certification exam to demonstrate your knowledge.
  4. State-Approved: Ace Food Handler is an officially approved source for online Food Handlers training in California. Your certification will meet state requirements and protect public health.


By prioritizing proper hand washing and obtaining your California Food Handlers Card through Ace Food Handler, you contribute to a safer food environment. Let’s keep California’s food safe and healthy—one certification at a time! 🌟🧼🍽️

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