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Texas TABC Certification: Navigating Alcohol To-Go and Delivery

Mar 31, 2024 | Uncategorized


The Lone Star State has a rich history of celebrating life with a cold beverage in hand. From bustling bars to cozy restaurants, Texans appreciate their libations. But how do the rules change when it comes to alcohol to-go and delivery? Let’s explore the ins and outs of Texas TABC (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission) Certification, the legal framework, and why ACE Food Handler and ACE Training Platforms are your best allies in understanding Texas alcohol laws.

Alcohol To-Go and Delivery: Legal Insights

Penal Code Section 49.031(a)(2)

  1. Open Containers:
  2. Alcohol To-Go and Delivery:

ACE Food Handlers - TAB CertificationWhy Choose ACE Food Handler or ACE Training Platforms?

TABC Certification: A Must-Have

  • What is TABC Certification?
    • It’s a legal requirement for anyone serving or selling alcohol in Texas.
    • The certification process involves completing a training course and passing an exam.
    • TABC certification equips individuals with knowledge to serve alcohol responsibly and in accordance with the law.

ACE Food Handler and ACE Training Platforms: Your Trusted Partners

  1. Comprehensive TABC Training:
    • Both ACE Food Handler and ACE Training Platforms offer online TABC training.
    • Their TABC-approved courses cover all necessary aspects of responsible alcohol service.
    • Learn at your own pace, ensuring convenience and flexibility.
  2. How to Get Your TABC Card:
    • Enroll in the TABC Certification Program offered by ACE.
    • Engage with engaging and informative online material.
    • Pass the exam to receive your certification (valid for two years).
  3. Why Choose ACE?
    • Convenience: Learn online from anywhere, anytime.
    • Affordability: Priced at only $10, it’s budget-friendly without compromising quality.
    • Quality: Up-to-date content that meets all TABC requirements.


TABC training isn’t just a legal box to check; it’s a commitment to responsible alcohol service. Whether you’re a bartender, server, or store owner, ACE Food Handler and ACE Training Platforms empower you with the knowledge needed to keep Texas spirits high while ensuring safety and compliance. So, raise your virtual glass to TABC Certification and choose ACE for a smoother sip! 🥂

For more information and to enroll, visit ACE Food Handler’s TABC Certification Training3 or explore ACE Training Platforms’ TABC Certification4.

Remember, responsible service is the key to a thriving Texas bar scene! 🍹 ACE Continuing Education Credits has Alcohol Seller/Server courses for California RBS, Louisiana RV Cards, Pennsylvania RAMP, Illinois BASSET, and TABC Certification

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