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How to Keep Food Cold at an Outdoor Party in Ohio

May 18, 2024 | Food Handler

How to Keep Food Cold at an Outdoor Party in Ohio

When the sun is blazing and you’re hosting an outdoor party in Ohio, keeping your food cool is essential. Follow these tips to ensure freshness and safety:

  1. Put Dishes on Ice: Arrange serving plates and bowls on a bed of ice. For bowls, add a couple of ice cubes to a larger bowl and place your smaller serving bowl inside. For plates and platters, use a clean plastic or metal tub with ice underneath. This keeps everything super cold without taking up too much space on your table.
  2. Chill Plates and Bowls in Advance: While prepping, toss your serving dishes into the freezer or refrigerator. As you finish making fruit salads, cold vegetable dips, and other dishes, transfer them into the pre-chilled containers.
  3. Serve Out of Smaller Bowls: Instead of one large bowl of potato salad, use two or three smaller bowls. Keep backups in the fridge and bring them out as needed during the picnic.
  4. Keep Food in the Shade: Shield your food from direct sunlight by setting up a second table under an umbrella or tree branches. Sun exposure can quickly warm up your dishes.
  5. Don’t Put Everything Out at Once: Bring out dishes in the order they’ll be eaten. Start with chips and dip or a charcuterie board and save salads and entrees for later. This ensures everything stays fresh when guests are ready to eat.

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